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Ladies love a man in uniform.   
05:28pm 28/03/2010
  Train Conductor Uniform that is... surrounded by PUPPETS:

Crush of the Week: Mister Conductor, Shining Time Station


Whoever plays the uniformed, whistle-blowing magic train conductor in the Thomas series, and we're talking Ringo, George Carlin or (in The Great Discovery movie) young Alec Baldwin, is hot. Maybe it's the uniform, maybe it's the authority. Maybe it’s that the Conductor stands out as particularly alive because of the slightly terrifying wide-eyed animatronic trains.

(This is where Emily will chime in and say that I have a man-crush on George Carlin and also Gene Wilder.)
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04:09pm 18/03/2010
mood: thankful


To: Chrome Industries
Attn: Turds For Gold Shoe Exchange/Sharkey
580 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Dear Chrome,

Heard about your generous offer from the Face-Book of my new local bike shop, Greenstreet Cycles in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

My lady friend won't let me wear these beautiful vintage Filas in public. She says they make me look like a poor person and/or sexual predator. I will miss them, but a new pair of Chromes (US men's size 11.5) will take away some (not all) of the pain.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,

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06:22pm 10/03/2010
mood: pissed off

Please tell Nebraska Furniture Mart to stop stealing the internet memes of 2003!

Uses for Obsolete Technology, #343: Roasting Cats   
07:10pm 18/11/2009
  Step 1:

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11:17pm 23/08/2009
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Music Class 1971   
02:04am 21/07/2009


Oh Senor Don Gato was a cat
On a high red roof Don Gato sat
He went there to read a letter,
Meow, meow, meow
Where the reading light was better,
Meow, meow, meow
'Twas a love note for Don Gato

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92.6% of American's get this question wrong!   
12:35am 21/07/2009

Picture 1
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The Greatest Spectacle in Racine   
12:23am 19/07/2009
  Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in a pickle
Wienermobile gets lucky with Wisconsin house, but will it last?
My Baloney Has a First Name - It's CRASH
Wienermobile of doom, Wisconsin house gets the works
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile penetrates unsuspecting home

and 478 related articles »

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Can you let me know whats the status on your scam?   
12:14am 03/07/2009
  From: zella.rodriques@googlemail.com
Subject: vintage working 1950s/60s zenith tv - all vacuum tube vhf only
Date: July 2, 2009 8:01:31 PM CDT

Can you let me know whats the status on your craigslist listing? Take care

From: bryanna.baucom@googlemail.com
Subject: over-the-air hdtv reciever w/ vga and dvi outputs remote manual
Date: July 2, 2009 8:07:26 PM CDT

Can you let me know whats the status on your posted ad? Have a good one

From: athena.cheeseman@googlemail.com
Subject: vintage working 1950s/60s zenith tv - all vacuum tube vhf only
Date: July 2, 2009 8:49:48 PM CDT

Can you let me know whats the status on your craigs list ad? Take care
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Craigslist Day   
08:39pm 01/07/2009
  Today I sold a case of 1,000 Nintendo "Power" and "Reset" buttons, and listed an old TV from the '50s or '60s, a Reel to Reel deck with some tapes, and an HDTV tuner.

I like this picture. There's a bigger version behind the cut.


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From: service@youtube.com   
05:56pm 30/06/2009
  PAPAYA has sent you a message:

hey TeffDogg
hey is there any chance to buy your youtube channel

What kind of scam is THIS?
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Freecycle Quote of the Day   
04:37pm 29/06/2009
  "Somewhere else it might be called rubble, but here it's rubble-tunity."  
06:33pm 10/04/2009
08:28pm 16/03/2009

You know how when you see answering machines at the Goodwill the tapes are always missing? I HAVE THEM!

But seriously, I (try to) pay for them, which leads to:

1. "No price? I cannot sell this!"
2. "No price? IT IS FREE!"
4. "This is a tape. It is $0.49."
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06:59pm 10/03/2009
  destroy everything

I've always liked reading instruction manuals. I've never owned anything with a paragraph like this in the manual though. UNTIL NOW!
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SOLD! (household items) Alpine Air 150 Air Purifier Ozone Generator Ionizer   
10:20pm 28/02/2009
mood: drunk
Thanks Randy, for the prompt reply and pickup. I hope your air is now as pure as an Alpine thunderstorm.

Craigslist post of the day for Saturday, Feb 28th 2009. This could become a thing.

Alpine Air 150 Air Purifier - $25 OBO.


This model was recalled due to "TOO MUCH OZONE". Not sure if this particular unit is pre or post recall. Similar to models still sold by Alpine for $300 to $600. Take a chance, live a little! (DIE A LITTLE!)

Alpine Ozone Ionizer Air Purifier
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Finally, something GOOD on Etsy!   
06:05pm 26/02/2009
Emily's home! Hide the TVs!   
05:37pm 17/02/2009
  Spent the morning stacking up antenna TVs to watch today's analog TV shutdown. I'm not sure why I used six TVs when only two stations were doing it today. I overdo things sometimes.

I posted a two minute long YouTube of the project to the Omaha LJ community here.

And for Evan who is stuck on dial-up there's before and after pictures on my Flickr.
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01:07am 16/02/2009
  VIC-20 It's a Living Tape

Cleaning/Selling because I'm not Working/Sleeping. This one's from a VIC-20 software CASSETTE TAPE. Complete in box, but nowhere on the box or instruction manual is a single picture of what the game looks like. People in 1982 would buy ANYTHING!
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Break from the Pack   
10:14pm 13/02/2009

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