The Adventures of TeffDogg E. Dogg

Or, how to always say you are going to sell stuff on eBay and/or get a job.

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11 December 1980
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I feel like I can't stop talking and typing and posting.
And shaking.
Who bought me this giant Mountain Dew from Taco John's?!?!?!

I wanted to put "momentary diversions on the road to the grave" in my LJ interests, but I guess it was too long.

I don't like when people talk about a "real" this or if that's a "real" that or whether he's a "real man" when they're talking about something/someone that obviously exists. It makes me want to say "What do you mean this is not a 'real' tennis racquet? (Just because I bought it at Wal-Mart and not some fancy pants tennis racquet store.) Do you see me angrily hitting myself in the head with it? It certainly feels 'real' to me!" All upset like maybe I will teach them a lesson and maybe next time they won't phrase their question in a way that makes me so mad. Jerks. That's why I don't play tennis anymore.

I live with my girlfriend (and soulmate) xemcats and her mother (and arch-nemesis) and we have five cats (which seems like an awful lot but that's less than two cats per person if you do the math so we're not crazy cat people or anything, officially) and one of them we call "Tea Pot" but his name is actually George.

I made an LJ community called omahaforsale.

I am looking for a job and/or for someone to buy my Betamax VCRs and Amiga computers. UPDATE 2006-08-06: Betamaxes gone to eBay. Amigas gone to eBay and evxanadu. Job aquired at "upscale" downtown hotel. (Hint: Below Hilton but above Doubletree (No Norovirus here!))

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